after june

"CK" is a conglomerate of personal artistic projects by a Canadian chameleon.

Woke up early, ears wanted Gazette.

Good morning, world! Welcome back to Silly Disco Machine Radio, with your hosts DJ Tabz0r and Candy the Rapper. Morning, Candy!

CTR: It's Rapper, actually, the abbreviated-

T: Sorry whu? Ha ha ha. Alright, let's get into this! Today we here at SDM-Radio woke verrrry early in the morning. 

CTR: Oh, why's that?

T: Well-- uh-- I've been having, let's call them manic attacks, since the Gazette concert last week, you know? Like, my chest constricts, right, my throat squeezes itself down into the top of my lungs and I get this tingling in my head, I'm smiling uncontrollably and giggling--

CTR: Oh, T, that's called fangirling.

T: I KNOW!! Ehem, I know. I'm sorry. But I mean this truly and literally. It's interfering with my day.

CTR: Thinking about the Gazette?

T: NO! This resulting condition! Waking up because your body doesn't need sleep, it needs to keep hearing these sounds! Thirsty ears! Jolting awake at night, too, just, throughout the day needing... It's a manic attack!

CTR: Are you in one right now?

T: ... Maybe...? OK, listeners! The Gazette Song of the Day is, though I know I've already mentioned it recently, The Social Riot Machine!

DJT: Particularly paying attention to the production of vocals! Its range of tones and timbre! Its roles within the song, like as percussion, or a sustained bass note, or ...that other fluttering thing with the flanger and shit on it?! I feel the voice mimics every instrument and matches its emotional and digital tone. Then, on top of that, the mix. All the instruments are choppy and sporadic, the arrangement is a many-pieced, ever-changing thing, and the vocals most of all embody that constant change.

Because Ruki's voice is SO GOOD, obviously its an important instrument which adds a really, really good, unique and emotional quality to the song! Psych-horror-metal, I say. grin emoticon So to conclude this rant review, Candy the Rapper, I could safely say that, the way Silly God Disco made me seriously question my keyboardist nature with its bass antics the way no other song has, The Social Riot Machine exemplifies the most tempting and satisfying example of metal, tonal vocals. Also, extracurricular activity for our listeners, we'll cover Silly God Disco soon but feel free to listen ahead and follow the bass line. Then imagine the kind of dancing the bassist is doing. Tell me it doesn't make you smile! Go on, tell me. You can't. You're smiling. Sorry, did I tangent off about Reita?

CTR: You did, DJ Tabz0r!