after june

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Never too old for Naruto fanfiction.

Is reviving the old Naruto fanfiction you started ten years ago a sign of end times? Quarter-age crisis?

I signed into my old, embarrassing hotmail account (RIP blondes_have_more_fun6123) searching for some old attachments, and was surprised to find a bunch of messages from the bot. After 8 years of inactivity, Into Naruto's World is still gathering followers. Seeing as this marks it fairly officially as my most successful work of art (and let's not dwell on the tragedy of that truth for too long), it seems like a shame to never return to finish it. Also, the guilt of letting down my reviewers that I experienced in the first few years of abandonment has been opened afresh. 

So... I've gone back and re-read the whole thing. It's very long. It's very poorly written, as I was speed-writing and not worrying about many edits, and it's quite a liberating thing to read, to be honest, in that I actually still enjoyed it despite its flaws; and more importantly, it reminds me that there was a time I wasn't paralyzed by inner editor and could churn out 6000 word chapters in a couple of hours.

So I'm going back to it.

I made a little comic with a countdown, which I've been posting as chapter updates to announce the story's rebirth. Today is the final day and tomorrow I update! 

Feel free to check it out if you're into that sort of thing. Just-- remember-- I WAS 13.