after june

"CK" is a conglomerate of personal artistic projects by a Canadian chameleon.

Alien Christmas

A friend enlightened me to the existence of Thomann's Christmas song competition this year, so I sketched out some plans. A simple canon in a mezzo-soprano register, accompanied by simple piano chords, rhythmic toy xylophone and maybe a sweet monosynth.

I wrote lyrics about the guilt I feel for constantly being away from home over Christmas. Guilt is a pretty large part of many holidays, right? Thanksgiving -- gluttony guilt. Halloween -- ditto. (Depending on your rituals and upbringings, sometimes you get other people guilting you on Halloween, all "I don't approve of the pentagrams you're drawing on the sidewalk, it's creepy" and whatnot... but I digress.)

Anyway. Then I worked out a nice melody on the piano. But when I headed over to Ableton to work on the monosynth and flesh it all out electronically, something strange happened. Next thing I knew, my Christmas song had been entirely rewritten and re-planned. Now it is an 80s noise-pop/ hip hopera about an alien who crashes on earth before Christmas. 

So I'll maybe save the sincere tune for my grandparents. If I ever see them on Christmas again. *guilt*

Meanwhile, here's the completed track.