after june

"CK" is a conglomerate of personal artistic projects by a Canadian chameleon.

Very inspo.

Afterjune tenets:

-Have respect and curiosity
-Explore all your senses
-Find even more senses to explore
-Help when you can
-Ask for help when you need it
-Seek truth
-Ask questions
-Accept emotions
-Accept flaws

Hello, welcome to my website!

AfterJune refers to summertime. It refers to growth, to activity and flourishing, to the onset of vacation and the recreation therein, to endurance and celebration of heat. (Ok, and my birthday.)

Iā€™m Leyla, an artist and performer, of many names and proclivities.

I was born and raised in remote Northwest Canada, where my mother works and lives on a Native reserve. My formative years were comprised of poverty, resilient Indigenous culture, and escapism. This is how it came to be that video games, books and music hold the keys to my purpose and perspective. Consuming art led to the drive to create art. Creating art allowed the outlets of expression needed to survive.

I believe that the agency to create is the agency to survive anything.

Access to the internet gave me access to global society at 14, and a few years later I moved across the country alone. Since then, I have been seeking where in this world to put the messages which have coagulated in me.

It has been a wild ride. Some things do not get easier, but we can all become stronger.

Please enjoy the sights, sounds, and summer!